Was it ever ment to be a closed circuit ?
entwerfen acht

The shift from one medium to another to provoke a certain kind of transformation or mutation, a loss of information and an unambigous readability.The transformation of information leads not only to a loss of information but also to a certain distortion. One of the most interesting outcome is the subject of noise, occurring, disturbing, raising new aspects. Noise in terms of disorder, thus chance, but also in terms of interference. The message, the result is [partly] destructed and a new one is composed.
The density of CCTV in London is one of the highest in the world. Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s book The Assignment or: on the observing of the observers of the observers was one of my starting points. The idea of an »invisible city«, situated in the shadow of the cameras as well as partly in private space, that superimposes the visible one, developed. The presence of this invisible layer is only recognized from scattered traces.

Betreuer / Tutor: Colin Fournier
Institut für Gestaltung /studio 3